"APC Ayuton" - advertising and souvenir company which has been producing the broadest
product range medium and large batches, as well as provides services firm
branding and personal souvenir of application. At the disposal of our company's own
sewing workshop and production base, equipped with modern equipment of new generation.
Successful development and consistently productive, long-term work, our company is required to knit
a team of talented professionals, who do not cease to surprise a great work ethic, extraordinary
and a creative approach to the implementation of even the most simple tasks.
Conditionally separating professional production specifics of our company, we can distinguish
such directions:

- Tailoring of textile products of various configurations;
- Production of souvenirs;
- Production of branded promotional items or corporate.

Tailoring textiles - the first line of action, which originated many years ago on the young
"APC Ayuton" enterprise. Today the complex sewing jobs of our company includes the full
range of activities, from the development of exclusive layouts and ending with the delivery of large consignments
Textile special purpose, decorated with all sorts of images, to the maximum
short time.

During the existence of the company, our experts have brought their skills to perfection,
and now we are subject to the most sophisticated styles, the most unexpected solutions. In addition, we have mastered
sewing shoes, and offer to get acquainted with their collections in the corre- section of our site.
Without false modesty we wish to tell about his ability - individual tailoring for
women, men and children in more detail. The concept of "custom tailoring" based on the original
clothing layouts that can be created by the client in person or to be developed in tandem with the
creative designer of our company. Individual tailoring involves not only the creation of
unique clothes everyday or ceremonial purpose, but also the production of special clothing,
protective textiles (including single and reusable PPE), promotional (promo) and
corporate uniform.

All species listed textile except clothing constructed in accordance with the exclusive
layouts, includes a special design in accordance with the purpose of a particular target
product. For example, representatives of various paramilitary clothing, security, police
units typically comprises chevrons - made of dense material signs
membership of a particular public or commercial structure. Chevrons differ
method of fastening and application technology.

Textile advertising purpose or promotional textiles, should be issued so
to the maximum focus on public attention. It is best to deal with such
technology will help print application methods, including:
- Thermo-transfer (thermal);
- Shelkotrafaret (screen);
- Sublimation printing;
- Digital (straight) seal.

Branded corporate clothing, the so-called "dress code", can be carried out by any
presented in our company application methods. The choice of a particular technology will be influenced
professional specificity provided by the organization. So, if we are talking about the design
medical clothing, customers often recommended embroidery machine, which in addition to
its high technical characteristics, is marked by restraint and brevity,
that is optimanymi design qualities clearance strict uniform workers
medical institutions. Staff democratic youth café and restaurant chains, logical
just look in the dress code, which is decorated with bright and colorful logos and slogans.
For souvenir, advertising or corporate application on this and many other
variety of products, our craftsmen use an arsenal of technologies, each of which
is selected, depending on the material of the product.
Among such technologies:

- Pad printing (pad printing);
- Shelkotrafaret (screen);
- laser engraving;
- Tisen;
- Registration Schild;
- Matting;
- Decal;
- Grawerton (Grawerton).

In our time, when all the laws of fierce competition, especially in advertising and
souvenir field, very difficult for a long time to keep the ranking position.
Nevertheless, "APC Ayuton" manages to survive thanks to the regular and svoeveremnnomu
analysis of supply and demand, existing on the market today.
The tireless work on yourself and improve the range and quality of services, expansion
professional horizons, striving to do their job better than anyone else - it is eternal values
and unwavering philosophy of "APC Ayuton".

Updated 27/04/2017

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